Pam Thuma was an interesting and amazing teacher. At the time of her retirement she had taught infants all the way up to college students. She liked to say she taught from “womb to tomb.” Because she taught so many different levels during her career, she had a wealth of knowledge that she shared with her students and colleagues. She was a wonderful team member and her colleagues were always learning new things from her. She had a dedication that was truly amazing. She worked hard at finding new ways to help students learn. If a student was having a challenging time she collected data and found new ways for students to be successful. You could find Ms. Thuma at school all hours of the day or night working to help her students achieve more. Ms. Thuma always made children feel cared for. She held high expectations for them and told them often how
much she loved them.

Ms. Thuma is a dedicated teacher who has been an inspiration to many adults and students during her career.