Paul Miller

Algebra and Calculus, Grades 9-12, Ner Israel Henry Beren High School Baltimore, Maryland

Total years as a classroom teacher: 75


Louisiana State University M.A. 1962
Maryland State Teachers College B.S. 1936

Teaching Experience

1982-1995 Grades 7-12, Bais Yaakov School for Girls, Baltimore, Maryland
1966-Present Grades 9-12, Ner Israel Henry Beren High School, Baltimore, Maryland
1951-1990 Grades 9-12, Southern High School, Baltimore, Maryland
1934-1950 Grades 1-6, Baltimore City Public School #92, Baltimore, Maryland

Special Recognition

2010 Celebratory Letter from Vice President Joseph Biden, Jr.
2010 Certificate for 75 years of loyal and dedicated service, U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski
2010 Governor’s Citation, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley
2010 County Citation, Baltimore County


  • Mr. Miller has always strived to teach in a manner that is engaging
    and motivational to his students. His approach may be different when
    teaching students in elementary school, junior high school, senior high
    school, college and graduate school. The common goal has always been to
    strive for success, because success is the best motivator.


  • Mr. Miller believes the most productive relationship between teacher
    and student is based on mutual respect for each other. Mr. Miller also
    believes in keeping students active because an active student is more
    likely to be a successful student.

Mr. Miller teaches all levels of high school mathematics with an
intensity that rubs off on his students. He is always available to help
students grasp important concepts or strengthen areas of weakness. He
understands how students learn and takes into account their individual
learning rates. For Mr. Miller, every year is a new dawn and every
subject is a new challenge because each new class and new student has
different needs and comes with different skills

Jacob Schuchman, Principal

 “I think the best lesson that Mr. Miller taught us is that
if you love what you do, you can do it forever. Mr. Miller loved
teaching math and he has been teaching for 75 years. I wish Mr. Miller
many more years and if he is still teaching in 7-8 years, maybe my son
will be able to raise his hand when asked ‘how many of your grandfathers
had Mr. Miller

Eli Fink, Former Student