For his outstanding contributions as a sixth grade teacher, Richard is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Ervin LaFave of Racine, Wisconsin.

I remember when the Special Education teacher and Mrs. LaFave got together and took five special education students up north to the LaFave cottage to spend a week fishing, swimming, boating, etc. It was a very rewarding week for both students and teachers.

The Racine School District decided on year to award merit pay to the teachers they considered outstanding in the district.  Mr. LaFave was number two in the district of 1,200 teachers.

He was always willing to help students or have conferences with parents.  Richard LaFave would come to school early and stay as late as necessary to accommodate students and their parents.  He was a very dedicated teacher for twenty-two years.

Discipline and compassion ranked side by side in Richard LaFave’s classes.