Sarah J. Steerman Greiner began her principle teaching career in Kansas in Topeka in 1978 at West Avondale elementary school.  She taught at West Avondale for 7 years.  She later taught at Randolph elementary school in Topeka for 18 years and retired from teaching in 2002.

Sarah was particularly interested in developing the reading skills of her students.  A highlight for Sarah at Randolph elementary school was when her class represented their school district for a visit from the then First Lady Laura Bush at the new Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library where she read portions of the book, Picking Mrs. Pickle, by Lawrence resident Christine Schneider to Sarah’s 3rd Grade Class.

Before teaching in Topeka, Sarah taught at an elementary school in Orange, Virginia for 2 years while her then husband Keith was a student at the University of Virginia Law in Charlottesville, Virginia.  When Sarah returned to Kansas in 1966, she taught briefly at an elementary school in (Neosho Rapids/Hartford).

Sarah graduated from Kansas State University in 1964.