For her outstanding contributions as a first grade teacher, Sister Alice is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Mary Torrens and Betsy Ziesmenr of Denton, TX.

Sister Alice Klenda taught first grade at Sacred Heart School in Emporia, Kansas for approximately fifty-four years before retiring.

Sister Alice put a personal note to teaching.  In first grade, I had to get six teeth filled for cavities.  I remember her taking me to the sink and giving me a small gift.  She said it was a statue of Mary,  who would watch out for me, and Sister Alice said that she would be thinking of me.  She was the first person that put a loving touch to my education.  She had the most patience of all my teachers.

We still keep in touch. It is amazing, but she still makes me feel special.  She was the best first grade teacher to start me on the right path.

Sister Alice Klenda is just one of those extra special people who can enhance your potentials and improve your self-esteem.