For her outstanding accomplishments as an elementary school teacher, Sue Scheopner Riggs is being recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by her colleagues and friends.

According to Joan Albers:

Sue Riggs and I were more than colleagues; we were friends.  She was the type of person you could stop in to visit and unload your real or imagined problems.  When we met in the hall, it was always with a cheerful smile and greeting. 

I worked with Sue for many years.  I was intermediate music teacher and she taught third grade.  We worked together on many projects as I would correlate music activities to units being taught in her classroom, and she would assist me in any way possible as I prepared and presented yearly programs.  She was always willing to share ideas as to how good something was or how it could be made better.

One of Sue’s greatest talents was her creativity.  Bulletin board decorations were always unique, yet coincided with classroom activities.  She probably owned more “neat” vests than any other teacher.  She made them all and many of them were of school-theme materials.  I know her students enjoyed them as well as the rest of us.  

She expected much from her students.  She worked hard to cover all of the materials in the Scope and Sequence for each subject matter and to have her students fully prepared to enter fourth grade.  She was a truly dedicated teacher.

She taught all of us how to accept a death sentence with dignity.  Everybody who knew her commented what an inspiration she was to them! I never heard her complain yet she had every reason to.  She was determined to have her sons Tim and Alex remember her in as many good ways as possible.  This was probably the greatest lesson she taught – to her family, her friends and all who knew her.  She wanted a miracle so she could live so desperately, but she was willing to accept the will of God.

Yes, she was truly an educator to all of us.