Thomas T. Fallon

Thomas Fallon has spent about three decades in teaching. All
of his career has been spent at the Glen Landing Middle School in
Blackwood, New Jersey, teaching sixth grade students.

Fallon and his students have preserved precious records and fostered
an awakening in the community’s past with a renewed pride by mapping,
recording, and analyzing vital information retrieved from headstones of
local church yards and cemeteries. As a result of his students’ efforts
and publicity concerning their reclamation efforts, students have been
contacted by descendants inquiring about their ancestors. Fallon’s
students have encamped at Valley Forge, served as guides in
Williamsburg, Virginia and been honor guards for dignitaries at
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Fallon is featured in the U.S. Department of Education’s video
to educate teachers and the general public about Goals 2000. He sees
the need to empower and foster apprentice educators and so encourages
and promotes teaching career choices to high school and college students
through the Beginning Teacher Induction Program at Rowan College.
Fallon developed, wrote and delivered curriculum presentations to serve
as intervention and reduction of drug use by inner-city school children
through the Army National Guard of New Jersey.



Camden County Community College, continuing education program


Master of Arts, Rowan College


Bachelor of Arts, Rowan College

Special Recognition


Head of New Jersey delegation to an education conference in Beijing, China


New Jersey Teacher of the Year


New Jersey Teacher of the Year/History


Governor’s Teaching Award


Glouster Township Outstanding Teacher


New Jersey Medal of Honor


Kodak National Film Maker Award


New Jersey Filmmakers Award