For her outstanding contributions as a high school accounting teacher, Vicki is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Ora Oliver of Kansas City, Missouri.

Vicki is a dedicated teacher.  She is strict but makes her classes interesting and fun for her students.  She asks for, and gets respect from them.  Most of those planning to go on to college after graduation, ask to be in her classes.  She will not hesitate to disagree with her superiors when something they ask interferes with her classes.  Teaching her students is always her first concern.

Having grown up in a poverty stricken family, consisting of a father who was ill for many years, mother and nine other children, she has deep compassion for her students who are in the same circumstances, and has, at times spent her own money to buy supplies for them.

Due to bad health the last few years, she was forced to give up teaching, went back to school, and because a certified Librarian.  She heads the library in the same high school where she taught for over twenty years.  Even though she is not in a classroom, she never turns any student away who asks for help.

Vicki taught Accounting and English at Grants High School in Grants, New Mexico for approximately twenty-two years and is currently the librarian at Grants High School.

Vicki is very special to me because she is such a dedicated teach and librarian and because she is my sister.