Vicki S. RoscoeCurriculum Resource Teacher
Orlando, Florida
Total years as a classroom teacher: 20

With student-led conferences with parents, Vicki Swartz
empowers her students to actually take responsibility for the reporting
of their strengths and areas needing improvement.

An Internet web site for parents articulates why math curriculum
looks different from when parents went to school, why we teach
handwriting the way we do, why our report cards are different, how we
meet the needs of the gifted in the classroom, about the standardized
tests we give, and explains the various stages of spelling development
and how parents can help their children at home.

She plans special events like Young Writers’ Conferences, which
involve parents as helpers and as guest speakers, in addition to Family
Math Nights, Multi-cultural Fairs, Curriculum Nights, and presentations
of Bilingual and Exceptional Education Issues.

All of her themes of studies take students into the community. When
her fourth-graders studied the Chattahoochee River of Georgia they
visited the river, analyzed water samples, painted it, wrote poems about
it, and decided to mount a campaign to teach others not to pollute it.
They have taken field trips to dams, city halls, state capitols and
historical museums, and have panned for gold as part of studies of
American history.

“Her abilities to take teachers and children from where they are, and
to lift them up to new levels of achievement is remarkable. . .I would
have given anything I have to have had one of my own children in her
–Jan Berhard, colleague, third-grade teacher, Addison Elementary School

“Vicki also brings to the school enormous enthusiasm and unwavering
commitment to do everything possible to help students and teachers meet
the educational standards. She has the vitality and experience to
develop our teachers into the finest educators imaginable. . .Mrs. Vicki
Roscoe is the consummate teacher: teacher of teachers; teacher of
students; teacher of parents.”
–Leanna Isaacson, Principal, Southwood Elementary School

“Vicki taught me more about curriculum, assessment, and research in
those three years than anyone in my 31 years. My boss stated, ” I
learned more about the philosophy and practice of multi-age classrooms
from Vicki in 20 minutes than I did in a whole weekend with a nationally
known educator.”
–Betty Campbell, retired principal, Portland Public Schools



Central Washington University, B.A. Early Childhood Education


Bank Street College of Education, M.S. in Teacher Education
Portland State University, University of Washington, Central Washington, graduate work

Teaching Experience


Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, FL, Curriculum Resource Teacher


Cobb County Public Schools, Marietta, GA, Grades 3-4


Portland Public Schools, Portland, OR, Grades 2-5, Curriculum Coordinator


Selah Public Schools, Selah, WA Grades 2-5, Gifted


Fulbright Exchange to England, Grade 4, Braintree, England

Special Recognition


Teacher of the Year


Australian Exchange Teacher


Fulbright to China


Fulbright to England