For her outstanding contribuions as an elementary school teacher, Viva L. Zang is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by her children Jim Zan, Betty Barnett, and Joy Leatherman.

According to her children:

“Viva Zang began her teaching career in a one-room school where she taught for three years. She returned to teaching in 1953 and taught an additional 21 years, touching the lives of some 400 students as well as those of her own family.

Her love of education and her dedication to the teaching profession inspired her own children, two grandchildren and a number of her students to become teachers. By her example she instilled a desire to become “life learners,” to revere education, and to seek a worthy goal.”

Viva was an elementary school teacher for 24 years. From 1952 through 1973 she was a K-3 teacher at Oil Hill School in El Dorado, Kansas. Viva also taught K-8 grades at Science Hall and Chelsea in Butler County.