Walter Goodwin Jr



Walter Goodwin Jr. 80, passed away on December 17, 2014 in Brentwood, Tennessee. He is survived by his daughter, Laura Jenkins (Peter); son, Walter; and three grandchildren, Alex, Kelsi, and Megan. Walter graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors in Education and two Masters degrees. He had a successful running career at the U of A; once holding the school record in the two mile. After graduation, Walter served in the Army for two years. Walter went on to teach Social Studies in both Douglas and Tucson schools; having taught for over 20 years at Palo Verde High School. Walter was an avid reader; enjoying books on the Civil War and WWII. He also enjoyed teaching himself Spanish. Walter had a strong love for animals and donated to numerous wildlife protection groups.



I remember Mr. Goodwin with such fondness! He was my History teacher in 1979. When I got very ill and was away from school for months, Mr. Goodwin helped me catch up so I could graduate. What a remarkable man, and we were all the better for knowing him.
~ Martha Donaldson-Widney, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mr Goodwin was my favorite High School teacher. World History came to life in 1971 in the basement classroom at Palo Verde High School. Mr Goodwin inspired and energized. I also had him for a study hall. Lively conversations ensued. He was sincerely interested in all students. Rest in perfect Peace Mr. Walter Goodwin Jr.
Sincere condolences to the family and what a blessing it must be to have his legacy before you. May the memories and kind words bring comfort to all of you.
Warmest regards, Laura (Wilkens) Roth-Shepherd
Walter was a big part of your lives, and we know you will miss him. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.
~ Bill and Gail Jenkins, Royal Oak, Maryland
I had Mr. Goodwin at Alice Vail in 1968. He was the best teacher! THe kids loved him! I loved the stories he told about Laura! And he made learning fun! He was entertaining with his Black comb or his pointer! He respected the kids and in turn, we respected and admired him! WE have many teachers in our lifetime but the great ones hold a special place in your memories. He touched many young lives during his career and we are lucky to have had him as our teacher. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Mr. Goodwin! Thank you for the memories!
~ Melody Foster, Tucson, Arizona
Mr Goodwin was by far my favorite teacher, I have thought of him many times over the years. He was funny and made history interesting. He was an awesome teacher!
~ tammy Wilson. (Orosz), Villa Hills, Kentucky

Mr. Goodwin is one of the reasons I went into teaching. He made learning fun and I used many of his teaching techniques with my students. He was a great man and he will be missed.

~Bruce Murchison, Tucson, Arizona


Mr. Goodwin was my History Teacher at Palo Verde High School and was one of my favorite Teachers. I know he will be greatly missed. Love and Prayers to his family.

~Gail Gelineau/Hall, Vail, Arizona


I had Mr. Goodwin as a teacher at Palo Verde high school decades ago but, his ways of keeping the attention and interest in class has never been forgotten. I wish that my children had teachers as wonderful as him…if only his dedication was found in all educators. My deepest condolences go
out to his family. May all the positive, loving memories shared of him brighten your days…

~Brittney Montoya (Kianfar), Gilbert, Arizona


I was in Mr. Goodwin’s class at Palo Verde. He was the first teacher to have me interested in History. He also did very funny impressions. He will be missed.

~Ericaq Langworthy, Tucson, Arizona


I was in Mr. Goodwin’s class at Palo Verde. Best teacher ever. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing.



Among the finest Teachers I ever had the pleasure of learning from…. Great humor and always inspiring!

~Peter Diggins, Tucson, Arizona


Rest in Peace, Mr. Goodwin. Our deepest and sincerest condolences are with you, Walter and Laura. From the utterly amazing words written here about him as a teacher, we regret that we never had the honor of meeting him.

~Linda and Chuck Kaul, Prescott, Arizona


A wonderful human being who happened to select teaching as his career path. Thoughts and prayers to Laura and the rest of the Goodwin family.

~Steve Kellermann, Las Vegas, Nevada


Mr. Goodwin was a great teacher. He will be missed.

~Kenneth Holbert, Tucson, Arizona


I’m sorry for tour loss. Mr Goodwin was my favorite teacher!!! I will never forget when he accidentally hit me with his big wooden sword. what a great teacher he was!!! im sure you will be missed by many.

~Howard Schenker, Lakewood, Colorado


I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t tell you how many times my brother and I have wondered how he was doing. At every gathering of high school friends, his name always comes up. Mr. Goodwin was the best teacher many of us ever had. He was engaging, witty, sarcastic, passionate, entertaining and left a very deep impression on us. His style was effective with all students across widely varying academic levels. Everyone walked away with something. Some of my favorite memories are “War Stories”, his Hitler impression (hilarious), fencing with his pointer, teaching from on top of the table and last but not least, the day Mr. Stubbs (Vice Principal) came in while he was on top of the table, looked around, didn’t see Mr. Goodwin standing on the table, Mr. Goodwin put his finger to his lips (quiet), nobody said a word, Mr. Stubbs shrugged, turned around and left. Classic! You are fondly remembered, influenced many lives and are greatly missed.

~Rob Zenuk, Gilbert, Arizona


My sincerest condolences to the Goodwin family and friends. One of the many teachers who devoted their live to teaching kids – those who I admire and have the upmost respect for. May you rest in piece Mr Goodwin.

~Jesse Hernandez, Tucson, Arizona


This was an incredible human being. He my coach, teacher and mostly, he was my friend. This is very sad news.

~Scott Wolfe, Bend, Oregon


Mr. Goodwin was smart, engaging and one sassy teacher! I am so very sorry for your loss and I will keep you in my thoughts.

~Jennifer Hunnicutt Ferrell, Tucson, Arizona


Mr Goodwin was truthfully one of my favorite teachers at Palo Verde HS. HIs sense of humor and his clear grasp of and love for the subjects he taught made the classes something to look forward to.

~Steven Charlton, Tucson, Arizona


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. He was a wonderful teacher and it was always interesting. It was quite a shock to see him-after winter break – without his goatee/beard one year. He was able to keep everyone’s attention in class. He will be missed!

~Karen Napier, Tucson, Arizona


He was a great teacher and mentor. Our thoughts and prayers.

~Jon Klingenfus, Tucson, Arizona


I’m so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed having Mr. Goodwin for a teacher at Palo Verde. His class was the highlight of my day.

~Mitty Thurston Spidell, Aurora, Colorado


My condolences to the family. Mr. Goodwin had a great sense of humor and a lot of energy making class more enjoyable.

~Babs Woods(Herbert), Tucson, Arizona


I can still hear his voice as he walked the halls of PV keeping an eye on us. One of the best!

~Lyrae Williams, Colorado Springs, Colorado


He made learning History fun and inspirational. May God be with you all.

~Steven & Gretchen Peckham, Longmont, Colorado


He was one of a kind. Made learning fun. Loved his class. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

~Noreen Hutchison (Inman), Vail, Arizona


I am so sorry for your loss! I had him as a teacher at Palo Verde and loved him! This world is losing a great man.

~Erica Mastin, Idaho Falls, Idaho


I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Goodwin. He was such a wonderful man. Our thoughts are with you Walt and Laura.

~Phil and Kelley Lyon, Glendale, Arizona


The best and most influential teacher I ever had. To this day I attribute my love of history to him. My prayers for his family relish in the inspiration he provided to so many. Godspeed Mr. Goodwin

~Scott Gardner, Tucson, Arizona


He made school (his class) fun!! He had a special way of making every student feel welcome and appreciated. That’s a difficult thing to accomplish with so many teenagers. He touched many lives and made us better students and human beings. My heart breaks that you are gone. Hugs and prayers to Laura and the entire family.

~Christy Battaglia, Tucson, Arizona


You touched so many of our lives and truly made a difference. My prayers and condolences go out to your family, especially my classmate Walt.

~Deborah Vollmer-Hines, Tucson, Arizona


I remember having him as my freshman history teacher. He would plank on his podium with his feet proped on the chalk board! Hands out stretched and “fly” through our classroom. God rest his soul.

~Holly – class of ’87


I will never forget Mr. Goodwin. He was one of my favorite teachers at Palo Verde HS. He used to call me Messy because of my last name. I still use that nickname in my e-mail address. The subject he taught was not my favorite but he made his students want to come to class. I wonder if he ever forgave me for dropping my textbook on one of his racing roaches and killing it. He will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. R.I.P. Mr. Goodwin.

~Carole Messinger, Tucson, Arizona


I’m sad to learn of Mr. Goodwin’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. Mr. Goodwin was one of my favorite teachers at Palo Verde and his class and lessons were the bright spot of my day!


My condolences to the Goodwin family.

~Dale Higley, Port Orchard, Washington


Rest in peace Mr. Goodwin!

~Dottie Goldsby, Nampa, Idaho


Mr. Goodwin was my favorite teacher in high school. He made every moment of learning enjoyable. He was so loved and will be missed. My condolences to Mr. Goodwin’s family.

~Christina Torres, San Tan Valley, Arizona


Mr. Goodwin was the most popular & beloved teacher at Palo Verde! Many great memories for a whole lot of people focus on this great man!



He was one of those remarkable teachers who inspired a love of learning in his students. He taught through fun and enjoyment and love of subject – I learned so much from him in three short months of summer school, and everything he taught has stayed with me all these years. A remarkable human being, an amazing teacher. The world is lessened with him gone from it.

~Kathleen Coleman, Phoenix, Arizona


In loving memory of a wonderful person who made a difference through education, inspiring and touching the lives of so many people. May Mr. Goodwin rest in peace.

~Angela Kaul, Arlington, Virginia


One of the highlights of my high school years was his teaching! So witty, engaging, and memorable were his classes. I feel so fortunate to have known him.

~Nancy Turman, Tucson, Arizona


He was an awesome teacher. At Paloverde high in Tucson As. Rip Mr Goodwin jr

~Susan Neal, Tucson, Arizona


He made learning fun..i will never forget his lizard impression. Priceless. What a great example.

~Ed Taylor, Safford, Arizona


What great teacher! I have thought of him numerous times over the years. Sorry for your loss, please know your dad was a great teacher and spoke about his great kids often during class.

~Rendy, Phoenix, Arizona


He was by far one of my favorite teachers in high school. He had a special way of connecting with the students he taught, and he made learning fun. He will be missed. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.

~Karen Kakishita, Boise, Idaho


He was a great teacher and had a great sense of humor. Best wishes to Laura and Walter. And my favorite quote, “any thoughts, comments, snide remarks?”

~Kevin Crabtree, Wichita, Kansas


One of my biggest HS regrets was not having a class with him. He was so well loved and respected. My condolences to Laura, Walt, and the rest of the family.

~Dayna Campbell Gilbert, McMinnville, Oregon


My condolences you and your family Laura. He was a great teacher. He pushed me hard and made me love history to this day.

~Lupita Aguiniga (Valles), Tucson, Arizona


Mr. Goodwin was one of those rare teachers that made learning fun! He also had a way of making the students feel special. I loved his classes so much that I ended up with a History minor. Walt and Laura, my prayers are with you and your family. “Pshaw” Palo Verde class of ’78

~Lisa (Shaw) Rasmussen, Helena, Montana


He had such an impact on so many people. What a legacy he leaves. My condolences, Laura and Walter.

~Patty Sarrels Short, Phoenix, Arizona


One of the true gems of teaching, the puns kept flowing and it made learning fun. Walt and Laura, sorry for your loss.

~James Shaw, Cibolo, Texas


Mr. Goodwin brought the classroom to life. He made the subject easy to retain. He made a difference in many, many lives.

~Jana Paisley-Gee, Tucson, Arizona


Mr. Goodwin was one of my favorite teachers at Palo Verde high school and I always looked forward to his class. He touched many young people’s lives and made history come alive for us!

~Treisa Taylor, Safford, Arizona


So sorry for your loss. Always loved classes with him. My thoughts & prayers are with you.

~Sandra Duarte, Tucson, Arizona


Awesome man n teacher. Cultivated my love of history. Thought of him often throughout the years.

~Ken Fulgenzi, Scottsdale, Arizona


Teachers like Mr. Goodwin are one of a kind. His enthusiasm and energy made learning in his class fun. He will be missed.

~Bill Vaughn, Phoenix, Arizona


I was always very fond of Mr. Goodwin. He was funny and caring and made me feel special, like I’m sure he did for many students. Rest well, Mr. Goodwin.

~Alison Rothwell, Tucson, Arizona


Walt and Laura. I am so sorry for your loss. Your father was a remarkable teacher and touched the lives of many students in such a positive way.

~Erin Smith, Nazareth, Pennsylvania


Mr. Goodwin was an amazing teacher. He always had a lot of energy and enthusiasm and I admired him immensely. I remember how it would warm my heart when I would see him and Laura jogging together down Kolb Road and I would think how nice it is to have that relationship where they could share meaningful time together. I’m in awe of how many lives he touched. So sorry for your loss.

~James McConnell, Raleigh, North Carolina


Best teach I ever had

~Tom Rickard


One of my all time favorite teachers ever. Mr. Goodwin made class fun! Then made it interesting to learn.
Prayers to the family.

~Janice Price Davis, Tucson, Arizona


You will be missed

~Cliff Scott, Tucson, Arizona


By far my favorite teacher at Palo Verde! Coolest guy with the greatest sense of humor. Rest in peace Mr. Goodwin

~Tammy Belter, Vail, Arizona


I remember Mr. Goodwin at Alice Vail Jr. High School. I remember him as a no nonsense kind of guy.

~Lawrence Pardo