For her outstanding contributions as a kindergarten teacher, Wanda is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Walnut Elementary School PTO of Emporia, KS.

Wanda began her teaching career in a one room schoolhouse. She taught four years in a rural community in a small town. After she received her BS degree from Emporia State Teachers College, she was offered a position as a kindergarten teacher at Walnut Elementary School.

Wanda Franzen taught kindergarten at Walnut Elementary School for forty-four of her forty-eight years of teaching. She was a very special teacher who was kind, soft spoken, and patient. She made everyone, students as well as colleagues, feel special. She believed “every child [is] basically good and has many good qualities.” She has a very positive influence on the hundreds of children she taught and she helped make many great memories.

One of the most memorable keepsakes was the hand prints each child made in clay to give to their parent. Those plaques were cherished by all who received them.

She gave her whole life to the education of young children. Miss. Franzen was truly a legend.