Warren  Phillips

Science, Service Learning, Grade 7, Plymouth Community Intermediate School
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Total years as a teacher: 40

National Board Certified



2002 Bridgewater State University M. Ed., Instructional Technology
1989 Bridgewater State University M.A., Teaching Physical Sciences
1975 Bridgewater State University B.A., Earth Sciences and Geography

Teaching Experience

30 Years Grade 7, Plymouth Community Intermediate School, Plymouth, Massachusetts
5 Years Grade 7, Nathaniel Morton School, Plymouth, Massachusetts
5 Years Grade 7, Silver Lake Regional Middle School, Kingston, Massachusetts

Special Recognition

2008 Bridgewater State University- President’s Award for Achievement in EducationPresidential Volunteer Service AwardEarthwatch fellowship studying African Elephants
2007 Massachusetts Science Educator’s Hall of Fame
2006 Plymouth County Science Teacher of the Year
2006 USA Today Newspaper, Team Teacher
2004 Disney Middle School Teacher of the Year
2002 Time/Chevrolet National Excellence Award “Teacher of the Year”
1998 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Mr. Phillips believes that collaboration is the key in every
    project. He also believes that the most productive relationship between
    teachers and students is mutual respect and shared responsibility in
    creating a positive school community. All parties have a vested interest
    and benefit from a happy and purposeful school environment.
  • Mr. Phillips says that Service Learning is a combination of academic
    learning, service within the community, and civic engagement. The
    community needs are not more important than students needs, and vice
    versa. The relationship, therefore, is reciprocal. His students have
    found that doing service-learning has encouraged them to get involved
    with the community, make connections with the work force, learn how to
    work as a team, learn what it means to be a community member, and gain
    many other life-long skills. They become aware of their strengths and
    the strengths of others.


“Warren Phillips is a highly gifted, talented and brilliant human
being. [He] is that rare individual who not only possesses great
talents, but who has the extraordinary ability to share his gifts to all
who have the honor of knowing him, whether it be students, fellow
teachers, administrators, parents, or the entire community. Warren
inspires and motivates his students and fellow teachers to strive for
excellence. Warren’s personality and behavior demonstrates the very best
qualities of a human being.”

 Karen Rymsha, Colleague

 “He [Mr. Phillips] challenged me past my limits giving me a
class that I looked forward to every day. Mr. Phillips inspired me not
only to be a better student, but a better person, which is our real goal
in life. As a result of his class, I truly feel better as a person
because of the selfless nature of the education he instilled in us. Mr.
Phillips entered me into a new dimension of my education; this dimension
is taking what I have learned and finding a meaning for it in life.

 Gregory Costello, Former Student