For her outstanding contributions as a second grade teacher, Willie Lee Jones Morgan is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Kathy Morgan of Austin, Texas; Billy Morgan of Corpus Christi, Texas; and Bill and Margie Morgan of Kerrville, Texas.

Willie Lee Morgan has worked hard to instill values and solid academic foundations in hundreds of lucky young people. She always held the bar high by expecting exemplary behavior in turn, her students enjoyed practicing good manners and proper school behavior so they could gather up some of Mrs. Morgan’s never ending supply of hugs and love that they so relished.

Perhaps the subject she most enjoyed teaching was Americanism, a citizenship class. Still today she will teach anyone who will listen about our wonderful country and its flag, our freedoms, our rights, and our responsibilities. She epitomizes what it is to be a “good American” by not only teaching about being a good citizen, but by living it out in her daily life. She believes the world today would be a better place if Americanism was returned to public schools.

Through a program created by The First United Methodist Church in Kerrville, Mrs. Morgan sponsored a family from Laos. After ensuring they had a home and their parents found employment, her first priority for the young Laotian girls was to teach them to read and write in English. She tutored them for countless hours, throughout most of their time in school and into young adulthood, making sure they became competent and contributing to Americans. One of them has followed in Mrs. Morgan’s footsteps; she is now a Texas school teacher.

Many of Mrs. Morgan’s former students, who are now in their sixties, still send her Christmas and birthday cards each year. They seem to enjoy letting her know how important she was to them when they were little second graders. She takes delight in reading those cards and letters over and over.

Teaching is in the family as Willie Lee’s husband, Read Morgan, was a Texas school principal and superintendent for forty years and her granddaughter, Kathy Morgan currently works in Austin as a special education teacher and behavior specialist where she is in her eighteenth year of teaching. Her daughter in law, Margie Morgan, worked for 23 years as a school nurse in Beeville, Texas.

Mrs. Morgan delighted in her student’s success and made sure they received their just reward- a smile, a gold foil star, or a shining “A” in her grade book. She’d given them a parade if that’s what she felt was warranted.