For her outstanding contributions as a Vision Consultant, Winola is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Stanton Street Early Childhood Team of Emporia, Kansas.

Winola is an individual who exemplifies all of the qualities that are essential in a teacher-love of children, love of her professional, involvement in her professional and personal community, endless quest for that “teachable moment,” an unyielding belief that all children can learn regardless of any special need or impediment.  Perhaps the most notable characteristic of Winola is that she is always a teacher.  There is no set school year or work day.  Regardless of the time or the setting, she will teach and those around her will learn.

In the past five years, Winola has been a part of the early childhood special education team.  She provides constant guidance and professionalism to that team. 

According to Judy Ball, School Psychologist of UDS253 in Emporia:

I have had the pleasure of working with Winola for a number of years.  She has many wonderful qualities that she brings to her teaching and professional relationships that make her so special.  Winola has great compassion for people.  She was always there when needed for support and understanding.  Her unconditional acceptance of adults and children and kind, gentle manner allowed her to reach those who, for others, were unreachable. Her tremendous insight into human nature has assisted on many occasions in understanding and dealing with difficult cases.  Her strong faith has helped her through the rough times we all experience in education and our personal lives.  Her strong faith has helped her through the rough times we all experience in education and our personal lives.  Finally, her love of life and fun have made the stressful times more manageable and the good times even better.

Winola also brought to her job a wealth of knowledge and understanding of children and their disabilities.  She could always be counted on to provide information about the vision disabilities, how they affect children in their development and learning, and how to intervene.  She is an advocate for children an their education.”

Winola Green has been in education for twenty-three years. She has taught Kindergarten through fifth grades, Learning Disabilities, and the visually impaired and blind.